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Board Service

Melissa is a passionate community leader and philanthropist. She is a board member who gives tirelessly in service and currently serves as Board Chair for:


National Job Corps Association

Fostering Change For Children

Beyond Sport

The mission of the National Job Corps Association is to unite the Job Corps community through activities and services that strengthen the program for the benefit of students, staff and employers.

The National Job Corps Association, Inc. (NJCA) is a 501 (c) (6) professional trade association comprised of business, labor, volunteer, advocacy, academic and community organizations. NJCA was founded in 1998 by 38 charter member organizations consisting largely of the for-profit and non-profit contractors that operated the then 118 Job Corps centers around the nation. Since 1998, the membership of the NJCA has more than doubled. Growing to include employers and community partners. By uniting these stakeholders, the NJCA has strengthened the Job Corps through government relations, grassroots education and outreach, informing national policy, and outreach campaigns that increase the visibility of Job Corps.

Fostering Change for Children, formerly known as CTWOCAT, was co-founded in 2005 through the passion and dedication of Barry Chaffkin, CEO, April Dinwoodie, CoFounder, and Doris Laurenceau, CoFounder.

Having spent over 17 years working in the Child Welfare field and holding various leadership positions, Barry knew that as a CEO, he wanted the flexibility and creativity to approach the challenges of the Child Welfare system. One of the major challenges Barry noticed as a young leader working at an NYC foster care agency was the high level of turnover. Understanding that even though caseworkers meant to do well, the lack of support and training at all levels often resulted in their premature resignation. This in return often led to children staying in the foster care system and decreasing their chances of finding a permanent home.

For Beyond Sport the path to systemic change is clear: Increased partnerships and collaboration > Greater Collective Impact > Increasing Sport’s Role in Social Change Globally

Beyond Sport believes that when used with intention, sport provides innovative and effective solutions to the most complex issues of our time. It is a powerful and unique tool that can bridge divides and foster a more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous society. With a local approach and a global perspective, Beyond Sport provides opportunities for learning and new ways of thinking to stimulate action in the areas of critical importance for humanity – connecting expert, on the ground sport for development organizations and progressive brands.